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  • 5 Minutes with Anheuser Busch InBev’s Director of Innovation Packaging

    Keenan Thompson, a speaker at the marcus evans AmericaPack Summit 2015, talks about innovative packaging.

    Interview with: Keenan Thompson, Director of Innovation NA Packaging, Anheuser Busch InBev


    “The world of packaging is moving faster than ever. Success comes down to being aware of trends in other product categories, keeping in mind the world that shoppers and consumers live in, how they make decisions, how they use products, and bringing new ideas to your space,” highlighted Keenan Thompson, Director of Innovation NA Packaging, Anheuser Busch InBev.

    A speaker at the marcus evans AmericaPack Summit 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 23-24, Thompson gives us his take on staying innovative and competitive.

    How do you stay innovative in this competitive environment?

    When you look across multiple categories, trends seem to be fairly universal. You have to be aware of all categories, not just the one you are working within, and keep your eyes open to what you can bring into your own space.

    The pack is an integral part of the complete branded product experience; material supply, production and converting of the different pack elements through your machinery, distribution, retail, shopper and user experience, even how it is disposed of or reused. To be competitive, you must understand how the product and pack interact with that value chain all the way through.

    What are some of the innovative packaging solutions and technologies that manufacturers should pay more attention to?

    You win big when you take the materials necessary for your package, and find ways to reduce cost while adding value to the product. The technologies really pushing into that space will be the technologies of the future.

    What advice do you have for establishing brand loyalty?

    Consistency is key for establishing and maintaining brand loyalty. To build brands that are thought of and get noticed, you have to discover the distinct elements of your brand and make them part of everyone’s everyday memory structure, so when they are shopping and searching for a solution, you are the one that drives the conversion at shelf. Being the most relevant option with the environment is also key.

    How can pack engagement be enhanced?

    Pack is a marketing tool. It can be a communication platform at shelf, it can add user excitement through innovation or amplify marketing programs by being part of the core creative idea. You can also be more engaging just by being a better fit for an occasion than the competition.

    In the world of beer, besides the shopping or usage occasions, there is transport, storage, inventory and so on. Engaging a consumer and better meeting needs through all those touch points is key for us.

    What tools do you utilise to communicate with customers?

    It is about using certain design principles to communicate to the shopper at the shelf. Number one is color. Our two biggest brands, Budweiser and Bud Light, are very red and very blue. These colors stand out. Besides color, the packaging shape, materials and imagery, and knowing the importance of each, can help people notice your product.

    How are consumer needs changing? How do you capture their attention?

    There is more choice in the market, so you have to make sure you are part of a consumer’s relevant repertoire.

    Creativity is reverse entropy, very few things out there are brand new. We must look around us to get ideas and consider how shoppers make decisions and how consumers use products.

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    About the AmericaPack Summit 2015

    The AmericaPack Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. The Summit offers FMCG packaging executives and suppliers and solution providers an intimate environment for a focused discussion on how to win the battle for market and mind share through packaging. Taking place at the Red Rock Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 23-24, 2015, the Summit includes presentations on becoming a packaging revolutionary, activating customer engagement, balancing customer satisfaction and cost efficiency, and elevating shelf standout.

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